The Thoughts That Weigh Me Down

by Hindsights

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One-sided 12" released through Beach Community, October 7th 2013


released October 7, 2013

Lyrics by Benio Baumgart
Music by Hindsights
Produced by Bob Cooper
Art by Thomas Hedger



all rights reserved


Hindsights West Berkshire, UK

Sad Since '11.

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Track Name: Grey
I’m awake, I’m scared, it’s way too early for this.
Heaven won’t accept me, with the thoughts in my head.

Waking up used to be so easy.
Now the cold sweats keep me from leaving.
I’m at the point now were sunlight fails to pull me out of my bed.

I used to be a morning person, now my bed sheets hold my worries.
Cracks in bedroom curtains seep grey light through darkened windows
This cloud's silver lining is rusting in front of me.
Track Name: Fluoxetine
Alarm goes, take my medication.
It tastes worse than usual.
All I want is to retreat,
Let this feeling swallow me.
Rid myself of all my senses.

I’ve been doing everything to try and make myself feel better.
Now I’m burnt out before the day has even begun.

Sleeping worse on the weekends now.
I'm done with the constant struggle.
Anxiety, please don't come with me.
You've played with my mind enough already.
Track Name: Heavy Head
Slowly dying on my feet, letting the ground engulf me.
Everyday I keep telling myself that I don’t want to tear my hair out.

My head is slipping from my palms, holding my head up.
The skeletons left under my bed, are coming alive again.
I can’t think them away.

Exhausting all my options and I’m not even coping.
Come 5pm and there is nothing left of me.
Track Name: Watercolour Sunset
Maidenhead Bridge, gets more dull every night.
Because I left you on the other side.
Now all I can think about is putting my foot down.
I’ll let go of the wheel.

I look miserable, most days
Given time things will change.
Finding it hard to see the positive, the positive.

Green eyes, give me some light
Guide me somewhere I can have you, constantly.
So I can have peace of mind, that everything will be alright,
That the medication did us fine.
Track Name: Daydreams
Blurred vision has caught me out again.
The daydreams set in.
Worn down, I furrow my brow.
More headaches today.
More nightmares tonight.

I'm sick of feeling out of touch and the voices in my head.
Another day down, another all consuming low.
This is what I feel like when I’m alone.
I can’t wait to turn off the lights.

I’ve slowed down, can you forgive me?