Cold Walls​/​Cloudy Eyes

by Hindsights

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Our debut full-length record.
Released through Beach Community on 12" Vinyl and CD.


released February 23, 2015

Music by Hindsights
Lyrics by Benio Baumgart
Recorded, Mixed, Mastered & Produced by Bob Cooper at HQ Studios, Manchester, UK
Additional Tracking & Production by Tom Richfield
Art by Joe La-Placa



all rights reserved


Hindsights West Berkshire, UK

Sad Since '11.

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Track Name: Everything Inside Me Echoed
There's a conductor in my head.
Orchestrating my highs and lows.
I"m smiling and crying everyday.
Maybe that will stop soon, I don't count on it.
I looked at you, and everything inside me echoed.
There's one thing I know now is that I'm not going to slip back or lose myself.
I looked at you, and everything inside me echoed.
Track Name: Cold Walls
I've been clutching my knees to my chest
In the corner of my room, I'm nervous.
This is why I can't be left in my head.
I only find comfort in you.

You'll feel me seep into the cracks in your skin.
Then you'll know what it means to make me, me
And I'll feel at home once again.

The blood vessels have burst around my eyes,
All it shows is I'm too vulnerable for my own good.
I wish I could...

I need you to understand, I am half a man without you.
Track Name: Pensive
Few things relate to the comfort I feel when I've got a chance to be alone.
When I have time to think, I don't need to breathe deeply
And my own head doesn't make me choose sides

Keep me at ease, I need time to loosen up,
I've been grinding down my teeth, now I can't speak.

Give me space and time. I'm losing myself and my mind.
There's goosebumps on my skin and I'm shivering.
Introverted, I always have been.
Track Name: See You Soon
You can take me outside, let the cold and rain seep through me.
Just keep me from anything that puts me in harms way,
I don't want my mind to go blank again.

One day I'll come home and never leave again.
Why would let go of what makes me human?
I'm documenting every word you've said,
Like I'm scared of forgetting it all.

Here's to hoping we can see each other through,
Bad thoughts take over when I'm missing you.
My face gets whiter like I'm at deaths door.
But I know that I'm seeing you soon.
Track Name: Out of My Skull
This sickness won't ever leave us,
However much I wish it could
Because night upon night of driving is wearing us down,
I'm claustrophobic, I'm barely breathing.

I know that we can keep a secret, but it's hard to hide the black cloud,
Above our heads, because it's making us nauseous.

I swear, I promise, everything will be fine.
I'm spinning, It's all spilling out of my skull
Track Name: Colour, Blind
In honesty I've found my way but I've lost direction.
Seeing colours inside myself that I'm starting to hate.
I've asked a few times now, 'Am I feeling better yet?'
God damn anger, you've done nothing for me.

Will you promise, I'm not dead inside.
Will you promise, that I'm god damn fine.

Craving recovery, you'll slowly see, that all I am is crumbling.

When the sun comes up, will you check my breathing.
I've got no way of seeing that my life has meaning.
Track Name: Daze
No reason for the way we're feeling.
I wish it stopped so I can stop saying I'm fine.
The wounds on my body never bleed.
Twenty one and I'm filled with hate for everything.

When you fall asleep, I can feel the weight of your thoughts on my chest.

You're selling yourself so short,
The devils at your door and he won't leave you alone.
Track Name: Waiting Room
When the curtains were closed I knew you were there,
Now that they're open and the moon lights the room.
Your shadow's not there, an emptiness fills me.
Underneath the surface, I am now weak.

My example of strength has left me behind
I can't hear your footsteps walking away.
All I want is to stay strong enough to just miss you.
But In reality I still want you right here.

You fell asleep and I wish I fell asleep with you too.
Track Name: Cloudy Eyes
Consume me, all I am is an extension of you.
All I have are your words to hang onto.
Carry me, because I'm holding onto every word you say.

I can't shake this feeling inside,
We can lay here until you feel fine.
(It's just so hard to see you suffering)

The sun glares right at you but
You still have the cloudiest of eyes.
Don't let the things that rule your head,
Ruin the home that you've made here.

I'm begging for you to feel better.
Track Name: Sore
Pessimism is now my friend and with it comes a lack of self control.
Close your eyes, please do this for me.
I've been tired for years, thats never changing.

What a sight for sore eyes, waking up in the middle of the night.
Sober and over all of this.

One sip on cold water and I'm awake again,
This is never ending.